Why We Exist

We exist to call men and women to celebrate and be changed by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and His Lordship over all of life - for the good of our city and the world.

In the gospel we meet a God who has acted decisively in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to redeem and restore people to Himself. Jesus lives the life we could not live, dies the death that we deserve to die, and is raised from the dead and revealed to be the King over all creation. This was no arbitrary event in history; it is the decisive moment. The gospel tells the whole story of Biblical history and how God has acted decisively in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to redeem the world for His glory. Preaching the gospel means showing how Jesus is the fulfillment and goal of every biblical text.

Where we Came From

     The Baptist Church of Cowarts was formed as the result of a split from Smyrna Baptist Church in 1885. The building was erected near the cemetery on land donated by the Levi Kirkland family. The first building was destroyed by fire in 1902. That same year the records which were in the store of Brother B.A. Forrester, were destroyed by fire also. The church then set about working up a church roll, which indicates 248 members, and writing a new decorum. it was decided to build in the town of Cowarts (near present location).

      In 1910, the sawmill which was the heart of business in Cowarts closed and many residents and members  of Cowarts Baptist Church moved away.. Church membership at the time was 119. The church building was destroyed again in 1918 when a cyclone struck. Again the church members set about the task of rebuilding, this time at the site of the old schoolhouse, which had been destroyed also. the building was designed to seat 300, with a membership of 159.

     That same year, Sunday School was organized. In 1919, a collection was taken during conference to pay of the indebtedness of the new building. The church continued to grow and in 1930, an addition was built, giving 3 classrooms and a department assembly room with 193 members and 88 enrolled in Sunday School.